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2017 Hosting

You of course know Italy as a beautiful Country, but do you know our region, Emilia-Romagna? And our city, Bologna? Here you can find any information to plan your staying during the International contest.



Our region is the motor valley: Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini and much more. But it is also the land of food (Parma's ham, hand made pasta, wine) and culture (from Giuseppe Verdi to Federico Fellini). Discover it!



The city is notable for three peculiarities:

It is the city of the oldest univesity in the world, since 1088. Nowadays it has 11 schools and 33 departments and it hosts almost 80.0000 students

It has almost 40 Km of porticoes, the longest path in Europe

Last but not least, you probably already think that Italy is the best place for eating in the world, but let me say that Bologna is the best city in Italy. Try it!  ;-)



IIS Aldini Valeriani-Sirani

The first technical school in Bologna: since 1844 by the municipality
2 Institutes: Technical and Vocational
More than 2200 students and 250 teachers
5 addresses: Mechanical, Chemistry, Grafical, Computer Science, Electronics